Steiner [ Little Rock ]

Basic Info

- Name : Steiner
- Nickname : Sty
- Age : 19 Years
- Gender : Male
- Pronouns : He/Him
- Sexuality : Heterosexual
- Species : Irish Wolfhound
- Disability from birth : Dwarfism
- Mutations : Increased Speed
- Pack : Wayalla
- Rank : Yaulin
- Alignment : Lawful good


Steiner is a skittish yet sassy canine who has no bite what so ever. He’s a logical thinker and a hard worker. He may seem timid but he’s actually very sociable, especially with those he’s close with. He’s extremely loyal and would do absolutely anything for those he loves, even if it means doing something outside of his comfort zone. Despite his good sides, he can also be incredibly jealous to the point where he’ll give the one he’s jealous of the cold shoulder.


- Height: 18 inches
- Weight: 53 lbs
- Appearance: Steiner has a small and almost frail looking build covered in scruffy, wired fur that curls all over his pelt. He has chocolate brown eyes and an expressive face.